How to Recover Deleted Photos & Videos from Android 2020

Android phones have become one of the most common gadgets due to new innovations in technology. These innovations have made a lot of incredible features for the user.

If your photos and videos get deleted from android, then don’t get worried because it can recover back.

The photos and videos can be recovered with the help of two ways. These ways are given below:
  • With the help of applications available on play store
  • With the help of google services provided by google such as google photos.
Given below is the complete process with the help of which you can recover your deleted photos and videos from android. So read this procedure and apply it to restore.

Using Google photos:

Basically, Google Photos is a storage and sharing service that is provided by Google. If your photos and videos get deleted from android then it can be recovered with it. All you just need to follow a series of steps that are given below:
  • The first thing that you have to do for restoring is, open your google photos app present in your android.
  • After opening the app, sign in to your google account.
  • When you log in to your account, you will find an option of the menu at the top left corner.
  • Click on the menu and there you will find an option of trash. Click on the trash option.
  • In the trash, there are all the photos and videos present that are deleted within 60 days. Therefore, long click on the photos and videos that you want to restore.
  • After clicking you will get an option of restore. Tap on it to restore your photos and videos.
Note- This process will only work when your device photos and videos were in sync with this app with your account.

Using app from play store:

There are numerous applications available in the play store that enables you to recover your deleted photos and videos from android. By using these apps, it becomes easy to recover the deleted videos and photos for you. The most common applications to restore your data are Ease Us MobiSaver, MiniTool, and a few others.

These applications make it very easy to get your data back. You just need to download it from the play store. After downloading follow the installation instruction and set up your account.

To restore the data you need to root the device in advance so that the software is capable of detecting the files present in the device. After this, connect your phone with the computer and click on always allow from this computer.

Once the identification of your android will be completed successfully, it will scan your device. There will be two options given to you among which you need to choose one i.e. quick scan and deep scan.

After scanning is completed, the deleted media will show to you on the screen which you can restore back long click on the photos and video that you want to restore.

In this way, you will get your media back from android.

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